Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter Fact Sheet

The 39th President of the United States

Name:  Jimmy Carter

Number of terms he served: One

Year he took office: 1977

Birth Date: October 1st, 1924

Age when he took office: 53

State of Birth: Plains, Georgia

 Vice President: Walter F. Mondale

What Party was he from: Democrat

What was his major contribution while in office:

The U.S. was having major economic problems due to OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries, raising prices of oil. This lead to gas shortages in the U.S, a disaster for automakers. Because of the high gas prices people would buy small Japanese cars instead of the ‘gas guzzlers’. Three hundred thousand automakers lost their jobs, but Carter thought he had a solution. It was an energy bill, and took eighteen months for it to be passed. Finally it was passed in November 1978 

What did he do after he left office:

Carter was one of four presidents to receive a Nobel Prize, along with  Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Barak Obama. He also became a diplomat after office. He visited North Korea, the Middle East, Africa, Vietnam, the Elders, and the Americas. Carter is still alive today and will be 93 years old on October 1st, 2017.

Did he have a nickname:

Yes, Hot

Was he married:

Yes, Eleanor Rosalynn Smith

Did he have children:

Yes, four

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