Rewarding Homeschoolers

How do you go about rewarding homeschoolers?

I’m amazed at how much work my kids will repeatedly do for… Pokémon Cards!

Classical Conversations Essentials program, which is grammar, vocabulary, composition, and mental math review, has a fun component involving English Grammar.


17 charts of pure memory… Kids not only learn that nouns are, “person, place, or thing”, but they also learn to recite noun usages and attributes. And they learn all of English Grammar over three years, 4th through 6th grades. All. Of. It. So amazing that it’s finely tuned education yet the children beg to do it!

Thank you Classical Conversations!

Today’s cost was 18 Pokemon Cards…

Third Year of Essentials

Completing her third capstone year of Essentials this child blew it out of the water memorizing over a dozen charts, even some of the double lettered charts, and her final paper was a 12 paragraph super essay comparing and contrasting the French and English perspectives of Joan of Arc, while simultaneously utilizing a chess game metaphor throughout her paper. Never would I have found something to motivate her this much outside of this community, which she finds very comfortable now.

Jen at Log Cabin Schoolhouse

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