Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland Fact Sheet

The 24th President of the United States

Name: Grover Cleveland

Number of terms he served: One

Year he took office: 1893

Birth Date: March 18th, 1837

Age when he took office: 52

State of Birth: Caldwell, New Jersey

Vice President: Adlai E. Stevenson

What Party was he from: Democrat

What was his major contribution while in office:

Cleveland wanted to thank the business men who supported him during his campaign by raising the competition’s price on products to get customers to choose his supporters. But this backfired and the business men who supported Cleveland raised their prices as well. This made the customers very angry.

What did he do after he left office:

After Cleveland finished his second term he retired back to his estate and became a Trustee at Princeton University. He also often consulted the President, Theodore Roosevelt. Unfortunately in the fall of 1907 he became ill, and died the next summer of pneumonia.

Did he have a nickname:

Yes, Uncle Jumbo

Was he married:

Yes, Frances Folsom

Did he have children:

Yes, five

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