William Howard Taft

William Howard Taft Fact Sheet

The 27th President of the United States

Name: William Howard Taft

Number of terms he served: One

Year he took office: 1909

Birth Date: September 15th, 1857

Age when he took office: 52

State of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio

Vice President: James S. Sherman

What Party was he from: Republican

What was his major contribution while in office:

Theodore Roosevelt had an investigation of Standard Oil before he left office but it hadn’t been finished until Taft was in office. When the evidence that Standard Oil violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act Taft ordered it  broken up because it monopolized the oil trade.  

What did he do after he left office:

Taft tried to serve a second term but he lost the election to Woodrow Wilson. He returned to Yale in 1913 when he was elected president of the Lincoln Memorial Commission until 1921. He had been elected Chief Justice, the only president to be elected for the job. Before he was Chief Justice his health started declining and he started losing weight. He died on March 8th, 1930.

Did he have a nickname:

Yes, Big Bill

Was he married:

Yes, Helen Herron

Did he have children:

Yes, three

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