Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant Fact Sheet

The 18th President of the United States

Name: Ulysses S. Grant

Number of terms he served: Two

Year he took office: 1869

Birth Date: April 27, 1822

Age when he took office: 47

State of Birth: Point Pleasant, Ohio

Vice President: Schylur Colfax (1), Henry Wilson (2)

What Party was he from: Republican

What was his major contribution while in office:

Grant, unlike Johnson, wanted to live peacefully with the Indians. He believed that the ‘Creator’ didn’t make weaker men and stronger men, but that all men were made equal. Ely S. Parker, appointed by Grant, was an Indian now known as Commissioner of Indian Affairs. But this did not stop people from trying to keep African Americans segregated. Many people loved Grant so much they asked him to serve a third term, but he did not want to be the first and being as he couldn’t resolve anything while in office he left the white house after his second term gladly.

What did he do after he left office:

Two months after he left office Grant and his family went on a world tour and after he ran for presidency again. Many people didn’t think he should have been able to run again because of the two term policy, and while Grant didn’t say anything he wanted the job again. When it came to the election the delegates couldn’t get enough votes for one person so that they had to keep voting. Finally they had to choose a compromise candidate, Garfield, who took the job. In the fall of 1884 Grant was diagnosed with throat cancer when this news went public everyone was mourning. When the Congress found out about his financial state they gave him his retirement pay for his military position as General, that he had to give up when he was elected president. After a year with cancer Grant died on July 23rd, 1885.

Did he have a nickname:

Yes, Uncle Sam

Was he married:

Yes, Julia Grant

Did he have children:

Yes, four

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