Presidential Debate BINGO 2020

Let’s use these BINGO cards to make this election season a little more fun!

FREE from my homeschool family to yours (because we’re all homeschool families this year now, aren’t we?).

Here’s the RULES for Presidential Debate BINGO night with your family!

  1. Get SNACKS! (Because snacks make everything feel more festive…)
  2. Print out these BINGO cards on card stock. Laminate if you feel fancy. We’ll get to use them twice potentially. I believe two debates are planned.
  3. Bring your coin jar into the room to use as “BINGO chips”…
  4. As soon as the event begins, game play begins. Give everyone two BINGO cards. You will need to print twice as many cards as players.
  5. If you hear anything on the card put a coin over that space. Anyone on the show could say something about “GUN CONTROL” for you to cover it with a coin. It could be Trump, Biden, or the Moderator. Anyone.
  6. Yell “BINGO” if you get 5 in a row, but don’t clear your cards. Just keep playing for the duration of the event.
  7. Game play ends officially at the end of the event when the moderator ends it. Children get to keep any coins they were able to play. Any and all. There’s no five in a row or black out. They can keep the coins they play. The idea is for them to listen, learn, and just have fun.
  8. There’s no opinions during the game. Just sit and let the kids enjoy the event. To them the event is simply a BINGO game and a money winning night. You will be surprised how much policy and whatnot they will pick up without lectures and teachers. This is our chance to be a good role model to our kids in our own homes.


I’ve also purchased this US Election packet to learn more with my 5th grade son. Highly recommend! I love supporting other homeschool families on my site. I don’t usually post about anything but STEM subjects, but so much energy is out there on the election that I felt compelled to share what we’re doing in our homeschool. I’ll be printing this out to do alongside our debate BINGO game three nights: the two presidential debates as well as election night. I’ll add what we’re doing on election night in a few weeks so stay close by!

Jen Wolverton at Log Cabin Schoolhouse 😉

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