John Tyler

John Tyler Fact Sheet

The 10th President of the United States

Name: John Tyler

Number of terms he served: One

Year he took office: 1841

Birth Date: March 29, 1790

Age when he took office: 51

State of Birth: Charles City County, Virginia

Vice President: None

What Party was he from: Whig

What was his major contribution while in office:

While John Tyler was in office he was referred to as His Accidency or “Acting President Tyler”. Along with everyone not treating Tyler as a president, his cabinet members all resigned in September 1841 because they didn’t agree with his ways. Finally Tyler had people in the cabinet that agreed with him and he was the first president to serve without a party.  

What did he do after he left office:

John Tyler retired and took up farming, but he was soon the captain of the home guard company. He had to help stop a civil war from occurring. After he was elected to the Virginia Succession Convention he accepted and soon was negotiating Virginia’s ability to join the Confederate States. He served in the Confederate Congress from August 1st, 1861 until his death in 1862.

Did he have a nickname:

Yes, His Accidency

Was he married:

Yes, Letitia Christian and Julia Gardiner

Did he have children:

Yes, 16

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