What is Classical Education?

So, since I’m embarking on this classical education journey, I decided to figure out exactly what classical education is?

I created this picture during the last school year when I was tutoring high school math and it occurred to me I didn’t know where Algebra was situated within the Trivium and Quadrivium.  Those are the two components of the classical education model authored by Pythagoras around 600 AD.

I believe I did discover where Algebra resides.  Since there was no such thing as “algebra” in 600 AD, Pythagoras didn’t include it.  But, I imagine it would be either part of the Geometry pillar (even the great Saxon has geometry woven into his Algebra I and II books) within the Quadrivium or maybe even a fifth pillar under a new Theory of Numbers and Space?  Do let me know what you think!  I’d love to have a good discussion in the comments below!


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  1. LOVE the notes at the bottom of the Venn diagrams. Great, concise explanation of the stages! 🙂

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