Top Ten Things about Homeschool Days

I’m going to give you a secret window (shhhhhh) into the best of Homeschool days.

I know it can be a mystical, wonderous sounding lifestyle, of kids being kids along side adults that are more than fully engaged in their child’s education.

Following you’ll see my top ten things Log Cabin Schoolhouse Loves about Homeschool life!

I feel so blessed to have discovered this lifestyle!

1) Piles of shaving cream to write our quiz Bowl answers in! (Little Man needed a utensil…)

2) Friends! We spend Thursdays doing school with friends, even their pup! Here the little ones are being quizzed on their math, science, English, Latin, Timeline, and geography materials. My friend teaches my little guy piano, they then practice their knowledge with games, the teens do a weekly Latin Test in preparation for the National Latin Exam, and of course time to visit and play.

3) Chess! Yes, these two friends are arriving at a 3:3 win tie! Who will win next Thursday?

4) Nerf guns! These are a special treat when studying something really hard like history of medieval times. Besides, what goes better with the Middle Ages, than weapons?

5) Really cool resources made by moms all across the country. These are history game cards made by a Classical Conversations mom that I found on CC Connected! I strongly recommend using that service!

6) Little Man getting up and moving! He rarely sits down all day… What a gift…

6) Essentials Tutors! These moms teach our kids ALL of English Grammar over 4-6th grades. All. Of. It. They diagram, and memorize 17 charts of the parts of speech. Did you even know there was that much to learn? 17 charts full? I love seeing all of it in one view. Here she is having the children create sentences in varying sentence structures along with this children’s picture book.

7) Moms sitting alongside their children all day growing relations through learning. Best. Of. Friends.

8) Ah, white boards in every classroom! Diagramming and sentence building in action here!

9) Set class sizes. We will never have too large of a class in CC. When a campus grows up, and I’ve seen them do this in about 5 years, moms are encouraged to find a new location and branch out to an additional campus to continue providing for the growing Homeschool community. I believe this school year CC hit 100,000 students worldwide.

10) Last but not least, Pie in the face! Tutors being the amazing individuals that they are. Best mom award!!! You have to get your questions right… Or else!

I think some of the kids hoped to get one wrong… Lol…

24 weeks of memory and you could be asked anything inside 7 subjects! One example is reciting your multiplication of 15’s! 15×1 through 15 x15… Or to recite your 1st conjugation Latin endings of the imperfect tense…

Hey girl, can you tell me about how World War II began?

Answer (must be word for word): World War II began in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland. Two engagements that helped the US win the Pacific front were the Battle of Midway and dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

One turn if correct, three turns if wrong!

Here’s the memory work for one of 24 weeks in cycle 2 of Classical Conversations. A child can memorize verbally all 24 weeks of seven subjects to achieve the honor of Memory Master! Mom’s sometimes do it as well… Because why not???

Hope you enjoyed a quick visit inside our Homeschool world!


Jen at Log Cabin Schoolhouse

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