The MASSIVE Cyber Security Post!

What IS cyber security? Do homeschoolers do it too? Where can you even learn about it? Can you learn about it without a computer? Who do I turn to if I want to teach my kids about it, but I don’t know anything about it?

Mercy attended the Women in Cyber Security Conference this month in Ohio and met a woman from NICE, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. We just had a call with her directly today and are excited to share a massive amount of resources with you!

I plan to get on some of their email lists and join in a monthly meeting of educators so I can keep finding new ways to keep the homeschool community informed of cybersecurity. It’s so important that our kids learn these skills in the modern technological world they will be living in. Some kids will even want to hear about job opportunities in this quickly growing field. We even have a tip on how to pay for your child’s college education wrapped up in this post as well. So, keep reading!

We learned about all of this after Mercy attended the Women in CyberSecurity Conference in Ohio this past month. A wonderful experience, where she was able to meet women from the college scene as well as inside industry. I highly recommend helping more homeschool teen girls who are considering (or who have no clue what this industry is!) cyber security as a career. Mercy attended on scholarship, so all I had to do was get her there and her hotel and conference fees/meals were all covered. Home – WiCyS – Women in Cybersecurity

Mandalorian Mercy

As always, thanks for stopping by! We’ll be sure to keep you informed of as much as we possibly can in the giant world of STEM!

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