“Word Wizards: The AI Prompting Spellbook for Young Novelists”


Hey there, future tech wizards!  Welcome to a thrilling journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with “Word Wizards” – your ultimate guide to the magical and mind-bending world of AI and prompt engineering. Ever wondered how machines can author stories or solve puzzles? Or how you, yes YOU, can become an expert at commanding these smart tech friends? Buckle up as we dive into the fascinating realm of AI, where you will learn to speak the language of computers, craft cunning prompts, and even teach a robot or two new tricks. Get ready to be amazed and become an AI whiz, all while having a blast!

“Word Wizards: The AI Prompting Spellbook for Young Novelists”

Purchase Jennifer’s book that helps young (or old) novelists use ChatGPT to write their novel.

Dive into “Word Wizards,” an enchanting journey where creativity meets technology. Authored by Jennifer Wolverton, this unique book blends a captivating narrative with an insightful guide to the world of AI and prompt engineering. Follow the adventures of Lachlan, alongside AI companions Chatty and Middy, as they explore a digital realm brimming with possibilities. Each chapter not only unfolds their story but also provides a practical guide on crafting effective AI prompts, fostering imagination and technical skills.

Perfect for middle schoolers and anyone intrigued by the blend of storytelling and technology, “Word Wizards” is your gateway to mastering the art of AI interaction. Discover the magic of words, the excitement of AI, and unleash the writer within you!


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