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Math Education of the Future Workbook w/ChatGPT

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  1. Start wherever you are
  2. Consider each checklist item for your level
  3. Check them off as you learn them
  4. Backtrack if a concept is too difficult. See if the topic from the previous year is easier.
  5. Do math well!
  6. Don’t grade Decimal. Grade Binary. (Did you get it right? Yes or no?)
  7. Consider college credit around Pre-Calculus level
  8. Be sure to learn both math theory AND math applications for a futuristic math education.

Math Education of the Future Workbook

Log Cabin Schoolhouse makes you the BEST homeschool parent you can be! Download plans for stepping out into the future of math education here.

Blank Worksheet

Fill out this blank worksheet with our guidance.

Table of Contents

  1. Math Theory versus Math Applications
  2. Math Considerations
  3. Math Plan Worksheet
  4. Sample Math Plan
  5. What do you have to learn in each grade level?
  6. Sample AI prompts that help you to teach math at any level!
  7. Discover some mathematicians every year.


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