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STEM Tutoring by LCSH


Work with a Log Cabin Schoolhouse tutor.

Study math or coding one on one virtually.

Work out a schedule with our tutors before purchasing.

$200 for ten hours. (There isn’t a better deal for tutoring anywhere.)

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STEM tutoring by Log Cabin Schoolhouse

When you know exactly what you want to learn and can’t find it anywhere, personal 1-on-1 tutoring is the way to go.

Our tutors are advanced math and coding enthusiasts who want to help you or your student rise to the next level.

Typically, our tutors are fully booked, so reach out to check availability before purchasing. We hope to help as many students as possible.

Topics we’ve tutored in the past: Beast Academy math, AOPS math, Saxon math, python coding, game development, web development, Algebra Club, Microsoft Office, PSAT Math, SAT Math, ACT Math, Minecraft Education Edition.

MS0365 to include Minecraft Education Edition licenses available for FREE to all of our paid customers.


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