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Hunting for board members!

If you’ve ever wanted to be in on the ground floor of a non-profit, this is your chance!

MISSION: To serve as many homeschoolers free, quality STEM classes as possible.

Log Cabin Schoolhouse is searching for six primary board members at this time: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Grant Writer, and Marketing.

These will be the founding board members helping to set up a non-profit that will aid in finding and delivering free, high quality STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) classes to homeschoolers in the United States. See the job responsibilities below and consider whether these jobs sound like you. We need highly motivated board members looking to truly create an avenue for homeschoolers to affordably obtain skills that will enable them to join the STEM job market place upon either high school or college graduation.

If this excites you, as it does me, be sure to reach out to us at Log Cabin Schoolhouse!

Role of the Board of Directors:

  • Playing a top leadership role for our organization, the Board of Directors provides strategic, generative, and fiduciary oversight. This includes:
    • determining the mission and purposes of the organization
    • selecting and evaluating the performance of the CEO
    • strategic and organizational planning
    • ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management
    • fundraising and resource development
    • approving and monitoring the organization’s programs and services
    • enhancing the organization’s public image
    • assessing the organization’s performance as its governing body


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Learn Elementary Science FAST

Do you want to teach your kids to learn their elementary science facts FAST? Check out this deck of about 120 science cards that you can set out by group and memorize quickly. A good idea is to go through the cards once a week along with reading picture books on these topics to solidify the meanings of the terms.


My visual learner (who also created the cards!) laid them out in front of her and grouped and regrouped them until she could picture the groupings in her mind. For instance, when you have to memorize 9 planets it’s easier to put them into some sort of order. Obviously you’d put them into their planetary order. But what if you also put them in alphabetical order and then thought about how many planets started with the letter “M”? After playing with the cards for a while, then opening up a book on planets you’ll picture the groupings in your head while you read and deepen your knowledge on the topics.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! They were created with love by 12 year old Mercy. You can read her bio and support her science passion on the page I will be creating here on this blog next school year.

Jen at Log Cabin Schoolhouse