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Here are the best free math websites that are available to homeschoolers. Follow along on this blog or the Log Cabin Schoolhouse Facebook Page for Monday Math Tips. I’ll try super hard to focus 80% on higher math sites. So, kids follow along too! There are endless amounts of websites that teach math. I want to help you find answers to all of your “problems”!

  1. The first site I wanted to mention is Desmos! If you haven’t ever used you really should try it! I’ve included a knowledge-filled and succinct tutorial. My Geometry and Algebra students use it for graphing and in particular for transversals! Plus, it’s FREE! As will be every site I list on this post.
  2. Next I’m going to give a site that is seemingly elementary math, but even though it is, this guy’s videos are colorful, fun graphics of math going all the way into pre-algebra. My favorite elementary math videos are by They’re FREE, super visual, funny, and he gets right to the point in an intuitive manner! Check them out!
  3. Need a good worksheet to really do some repetitive work? Sometimes that helps a lot for confidence in a particular skill. Check out Math-Aids Worksheets generator! You can make them for almost any math skill… Pair it up with any curriculum and fill any knowledge gap K-12
  4. How about games? Need games? Check out PhET Interactive Simulations for FREE math and science games you can play online!…/videos/phet-in-30-seconds
  5. Check out Hippocampus for excellent videos teaching most high school subjects. Do you need a video on teaching angles in geometry? How about History or Religion? Physics? Biology? It’s all out there and this company didn’t just put them together themselves, they did some themselves and then researched all the other great videos on the internet and put the best of the best the internet has to offer all in one place! 
  6. Want to see if your student has completed elementary math? Are they getting a lot wrong in Algebra and you don’t know what happened to your progress? Prodigy Game is a site that focuses on K-8 math. You can get a FREE account for you and your students, allow them to do a placement test (with no assistance) and see where their holes are in their math knowledge. I did this with my 8th grader and we did just a few weeks review on only a small handful of subjects. Algebra is MUCH easier when their foundation is firm! Follow along for more tips!
  7. I seriously cannot believe it took me until number 7 to mention Khan Academy. This is probably the leading FREE math website anywhere. Khan Academy is on a mission to give a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Their personalized learning resources are available for all ages. Video learning segments are followed by practice activities.  
  8. Someone asked me about TI Graphing Calculators and how they can help their teens learn to proficiently use them. I’m now recommending this really awesome online course. I’d assign it slowly over a school year and try to align it to their content in their curriculum.

9. Art of Problem Solving is the top math curriculum in existence. Yes, that sounds like an opinion. BUT, I have to say that it’s regularly stumped my husband and I with deep problem solving questions in the Algebra levels. Both of us have gone through Calculus IV in college. Therefore, this truly is a very special program. On this site you’ll find math discussions, competition information, and online classes kids can sign up for. You can find free videos on Pre-Algebra, Introduction to Algebra, Counting and Probability, MATHCOUNTS, and AMC. The founder of this program has a unique way of explaining the difficult concepts.

10. Corbett Maths! Straight from England, here’s a super site for summer or supplemental practice on any elementary or higher math topic you are looking for. There’s videos, worksheets, 5 a day worksheets for the entire school year, and on any math topic you’re looking to brush up on.

And I’ll have one new website each Monday until I run out of ideas!

Jen @ Log Cabin Schoolhouse

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