An Education on Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Ballet

Homeschool and Cyber School Moms, are you ready for a trip to the ballet with your kids?

Come see MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at Whitaker Center for the arts by Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet.

Taking a child (K-12th grade) to the ballet can be really exciting! In our home we’ve had a ballerina for the past four years and all of us have learned a great deal about arts appreciation. I’m going to pass on some different ways to learn a little bit each time your family attends any sort of theater, but in particular, the ballet.

This is Krystal (age 14) from Carlisle, a Grantham Classical Conversations Homeschooler who has danced at CPYB since she was 11.

This Spring Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet will be presenting Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you do plan to attend it will be a good idea to pick through this post and learn a little about any number of categories; ballet/pantomime, Shakespeare, or Midsummer Night’s Dream.

WHAT? School Show of CPYB’s Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare

WHEN? Friday, April 13th, 2018 10AM

WHERE? Whitaker Center for the Arts in Harrisburg, PA

COST? Students $6, Chaperones $12.

HOW TO PAY: I’m accepting payments via PayPal only so I can easily keep a register of who is paid/going.  My PayPal account name is  In the comments please include names and ages of whom the tickets are for.  If you Click on “Friends and Family” we can avoid fees.

Meet in the lobby and we all go in together. There are no paper tickets for the school show.

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This is Rylan (age 15) from Carlisle, a 21st Century Charter Cyber Schooler who has danced at CPYB since he was 10.

WHAT IS BALLET?  According to the Pittsburgh Ballet, “ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body.” There are different kinds of ballet as well, which you can read about on this link. CPYB tends to perform purely classical ballets.

This is Abby (age 9) from Carlisle, a Carlisle Classical Conversations Homeschooler who has danced at CPYB since she was 7.

HOW CAN I UNDERSTAND PANTOMIME?  Well, I have found just the video from The Royal Ballet where they have presented for about six minutes some basic mime language. I never knew before my daughter started dancing that there was an official set of terms and movements used in all ballets that once learned made theatre going much more enjoyable. I’d imagine your children will find it to be like reading a Look-and-Find book or a treasure hunt to seek out these movements at their next ballet!

This is Makayla (age 13) from Hummelstown, a Hershey Online Academy Cyber Schooler who has danced at CPYB since she was 6.

WHO IS CPYB?  You can read about this children’s ballet company here.  A typical week is 30 hours of ballet. Many of the children at CPYB are boarding with local families so that they can be trained at this very special school.

This is Sage (age 8) from Gettysburg, a Carlisle Classical Conversations Homeschooler who has danced at CPYB since she was 2.

WHO IS SHAKESPEARE?  That is the question! Depending on the ages of your kids, where you want to go looking for information on this could vary. I’ll suggest just a few here and acknowledge that there will be many places beyond this that you could look.

BBC – Website with information, games, activities, and more to explore all about Shakespeare.

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This is Daniel (age 12) and Keely (age 12). Keely is from Mechanicsburg, a 21st Century Cyber Charter Schooler who has danced at CPYB since she was 3. Daniel is from Carlisle, a Carlisle Classical Conversations Homeschooler who has danced at CPYB since he was 8.




YouTube – Cheebies A Midsummer Night’s Dream

If you’d like to attend the April 13th 2018, 10AM school day performance of this production feel free to reach out to me. I sell Homeschool and Cyber School tickets only. I’m happy to refer schools to CPYB as well. Just leave a comment below!

Jen at Log Cabin Schoolhouse

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  1. I would like to order a ticket for my 14 year old son and for myself. Can I send you money through paypal? $18, right?

  2. Yes, you can. Just follow the directions on this post. Send to my PayPal as friends and family to avoid fees, and I write one check for our group on show day. Be sure and include names and ages of the students. Look forward to show time!

  3. To piggy back on this the Harrisburg Shakespear Company will be performing A Midsummer Nights Dream for their free Shakespear in the Park performances June 1-16. See the Gamut Theatre website for more details.

  4. This is great! Thanks Julia! I’m going to try to also get an educational session for before the show too. In a few weeks I’ll poll everyone going and see who’s interested. One of the teachers from CPYB offered to talk to the students for a short time pre-show!

  5. I havnt fully decided between cyber schooling or home schooling for next year but i do know im doing one or the other bc of the bullying going on. Do we have to be totally changed over from PS to go on this trip? My 13 yo daughter has been a dancer for 12 yrs. She loves ballet and pointe. I have looked into attending this on our own but its $43/each. I cannot afford that. Please let me know if we could attend?

  6. Jennifer Claire

    Hello Tracey,
    Your daughter IS a student. You can purchase tickets. 😉 Feel free to reach out for ideas on homeschooling. We have loved every minute of it in our family.

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