Top 10 Things to Love about the “All About Reading” Program

  1. Almost NO prep time for mom! There is a little preparation time to set up for the first lesson, but after that it’s grab and go.  Some notes are in t he first paragraph of each lesson, but it’s easily read while the child is getting out their magnetic board.
  2. The magnetic tiles allow for ACTIVE reading practice. My son is VERY active! While he typically does the flash cards standing on his head on the sofa, the magnetic tiles are his favorite part and he sits very still and moves the tiles around the board quietly kneeling down on the floor.
  3. Beautiful hardcover books for the child to feel like they are already reading, even in level 1. These books are great and could be reviewed any time after moving on to later books. My son feels very proud having just read an entire story all by himself, while the selections aren’t too long so that he gets bored.
  4. A FUN sticker chart! This is a must have for any school program!  This and an certificate at the end of the program, which this program has as well.
  5. Difficult reading sheet to challenge a high achiever, yet easily scaled back. Most of the time this was a big challenge to my son, but in the level 1 books I felt like he had a good grasp on the content so we pushed hard at excellence.  In the next level I will probably do half a page of this a day to ease up on him a bit.  My son wasn’t interested in reading in Kindergarten and we had to work very hard to finish the pre-reading level.  We were eventually successful. But in first grade we plowed through Level 1 by Thanksgiving and are starting Level 2 after Christmas.  I gave him a few weeks off to celebrate his success and read other things.  We are enjoying the “Kingdom Series” on audiobook by Chuck Black currently.
  6. Lots of fun games and cut outs to play together. Every single day we were sprawled out on the floor with memory games, puzzle games, or matching games. We were able to cut, paste and PLAY!  That is how the lower grades  should be!
  7. Flash cards – a wonderful reading tool! A reading program would never be complete without flash cards… need I say more?
  8. Lessons are set up to be done at any pace. You can do a lesson a day or in three days. You can do five days a week or just two, whatever the child’s and family’s needs are.
  9. Anyone can teach this… siblings could even be helpful too!
  10. Easily portable. We sometimes study at Chic-Fil-A!!

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