Transforming technology consumers into technology producers.
One child at a time.

The Microcollective for AI, Robotics, and the Sciences.

Brand new, cutting-edge STEM educational resource program in Rocket City, Alabama. Ready to transform our students into adults ready to conquer anything that tomorrow brings. Every course in this program is infused with technology, fun, and projects that will light up students with enthusiasm for WHY they are learning in the first place. No longer is learning a one way funnel, but a way for students to produce things they had no idea they could make. Until they did.

Before I tell you all about this program,
let's make sure your student is a good fit.

Your student is right for MARS if they love technology, want to know why they are doing school, are looking for a new community of friends, or want a project focus on their education. This program is going to be unique and unlike anything else in the area. We're going to harness the power of parents, professionals, and grant-writing to create a program that will be on the forefront of education.

If your student is...ONE of these...

By the end of their schooling your student will have...

Self-published their very own novel on Amazon KDP. (In English class...)

Learned Microsoft Office products, which are woven into every course. Lessons will be available to them on Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Viva Engage. MOS Certification will be an option in high school.

Learned new AI tools, such as ChatGPT, Novelcraft, and Dall-E. Created their own chatbot.

Created their own website, video game, and/or podcast.

Explored history in VR.

Grown Python coding skills with the option to take the PCEP Certification. Our coding course will likely take two years to get to the PCEP, and it requires test takers to be age 13+.

Acquired an awareness for cybersecurity safety and jobs in the marketplace.

Homeschool Club options available for Esports and Minecraft.

... And More ...

What's inside MARS?

We'll be writing our own curriculum as we go forward since what we plan to do doesn't exist in the marketplace yet.

AI Writers Guild

Complete a novel in a year with the help of ChatGPT. Utilize Microsoft Word and OneNote to advanced levels to manage brainstorming and manuscript writing. Master the novel writing process and the Hero's Journey structure.

The first 30 minutes of class is a teaching time where middle and high will be together, while the next 60 minutes is workshop and teamwork time where middle and high school students will separate into their teams and age aligned students can collaborate on prompt engineering, novel writing, and mastering the tech tools.

Students produce and self-publish a novel they can sell on Amazon-KDP in this course. Our kids will be PRODUCERS, not merely consumers of technology.

Math Workshop

Raise your math bar like you never imagined. We're going to learn math in a very different way. By topic instead of grade level.

The first 30 minutes of math workshop will be a teaching time where kids learn about mathematicians, ways to memorize more foundational information so doing the deep dives are much easier, and basic problems will be presented by the teacher who is also an engineer.

The next hour will be a group study where all students will work on their own problems, share difficult problems on the board, and have real life problem discussions working together as a team.

Everyone can be in their own curriculum.

Middle and High: Work together as a TEAM lifting each other up. Kids will be working towards badges that will lead to our school leadership program. Leaders will become volunteers and then paid tutors.

Introduction to Computer Science

Dive into the exciting world of Python programming with our interactive coding class, where learning comes alive through the adventurous gameplay of CodeCombat.

As you play, you'll conquer coding challenges by mastering syntax, variables, conditionals, loops, lists, functions, and dictionaries. This course encourages trial-and-error, critical thinking, and creativity, allowing you to apply coding skills in real-time to vanquish virtual foes.

Perfect for beginners, our class offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, equipping you with a foundational understanding of Python in a fun and engaging way.

As students work their way through this program, we help them work towards the PCEP industry certification. They must be age 13+ to sit for the test.

US History told with Technology

Step away from the traditional textbook and embark on a journey through U.S. history with our innovative course designed for 6th through 12th graders.

In this class, high schoolers will build a website dedicated to U.S. history, while middle school students will dive into the world of podcasts, creating their own series on American history.

Each week, students will explore different eras and pivotal events, conducting research and working collaboratively to craft their digital storytelling projects. With the freedom to utilize a variety of sources, students will not only deepen their understanding of historical events but also develop valuable skills in research, collaboration, and digital content creation.

Middle: Tell US History through a Podcast.

High: Tell US History through a WordPress Website.


Dive into the living world with our Biology course, where you'll uncover the mysteries of life from microscopic cells to vast ecosystems. Engaging lectures, hands-on labs, and field studies bring to life the fundamentals of genetics, evolution, and ecology. This course fosters critical thinking and a deep appreciation for nature's complexity, preparing students for advanced scientific study. Embark on a journey of discovery that bridges theory with the tangible wonders of the natural world.

Learn some 3D Drawing with Blender to explore molecules and more.

Middle: Middle School level Biology.

High: High School level Biology worth one high school credit.
(CLEP prep optional. This is a test that could result in 6 college credits.)

That's Not All... There's More

If you thought that we're done, then you're in for a surprise because we have got more in store for you

Become an Author

One of the most significant achievements for students will be becoming authors by self-publishing their novels. They will experience the entire process, from ideation to publication.

Master Prompt Engineering

Students will learn the art of prompt engineering, enabling them to effectively communicate with AI for creative writing and other applications.

Make Friends

The collaborative nature of the program will help students make new friends and enhance their teamwork skills, which are essential in both academic and personal growth.

There will be an hour lunch break to hang out, and a calendar of school events for families to meetup at.

Enhancing Technology Skills

The core mission of MARS will be to teach all the subjects with a central focus always on weaving in technology lessons and guiding our students to be tech producers as opposed to merely consumers.

Too often education is a one-way discussion, talking AT kids. At the MARS Campus, students will be allowed to take the lead and produce anything their hearts desire from video games to podcasts to their very own chatbots.

A Plan That Suits Your Need

Plain and simple: MARS will change your student's life and it's officially OPEN for enrollment.

All courses are $360 per year. But at LCM you'll have less courses than anywhere else because we'll be weaving the technology into EVERYTHING! (- as education of the future should be.)

10 Monthly Payments

Middle and High School Program has 5 Classes.

Accepting min/max 10-15 students per cohort for our Founding Year.
(Once it's full, we'll add students to a waitlist.)

Middle and High: $180/Month or ($1800/Year)

Don't live in Huntsville?

You can still give your student or even a co-op of students the AI Writers Guild. Jennifer teaches it asynchronously and can deliver it right to your computers. Your students and teachers will be connected to her through her Microsoft environment all year. Just click here to register! Or send this link to your co-op families and get everyone registered! (We’ll be slowly creating asynchronous courses that anyone can teach with all of the technology you’re reading about here! It’s coming! But you CAN get started THIS fall with the AI Writers Guild!)

Here Is What People Who Took Classes with us Say.

We love our families and strive to take very good care of the children entrusted to us. We hope you'll join our tribe!


I am so grateful that we found Log Cabin Schoolhouse to include in our homeschooling journey! It's an exceptional team with fantastic offerings.



I am so grateful to Ms. Jen for courageously beginning this live online course as it greatly blessed my family’s homeschool journey.



This has been a lifesaving, tear drying, love for math constant for my son and me. When we moved from PA to SC, Log Cabin Schoolhouse came with us, and it was beyond a blessing!


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Refund Agreement

No refunds after the first day of classes.

If you drop before the first day of class, a 75% refund is available.

At registration all fees are due: Code Combat license, material fees ($100), registration fees ($100).

Monthly tuition is due August through May.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions cover a range of topics from technical aspects and safety to the educational approach and outcomes of the program, providing parents with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect. Feel free to send further questions to


What is the difference between a homeschool co-op and a microschool?


The word co-op is short for cooperative, meaning parents working together in shared work to teach each other's children various subjects. Due to the nature of the cutting-edge STEM content being woven into this program, we will need to pay specialists to teach much of the content. A microschool is like a homeschool co-op in atmosphere, but with paid and in some cases professional industry teachers.


We only are searching for technology courses. Can we only sign up for technology at MARS?


No. This program is a unique vision of what the future of learning will look like, where every subject has technology woven into it. Students will not have to take separate Microsoft Office or Cybersecurity courses as those topics will be woven into core curriculum. Technology is the natural language of our children who have grown up embedded in it. We'll have Artificial Intelligence in English, WordPress website building and podcasting in US History, virtual reality in Biology, and much, much more as the years go by. With the sheer amount of technology in existence today, if we created a course on each one, students wouldn't have time to experience them all before graduation. This is the problem with modern education. We need to stop siloing the subjects and begin integrating them.


What are the technical requirements for participating in MARS?


We will be providing three levels of laptop recommendations: entry level, mid-level, and gamer/pro level. Working on this now. But a laptop will be required. Families will be able to determine which level is appropriate for their student.


How does MARS ensure safety of the children?

We're working on policies for the physical safety within DivRgence, online safety recommendations for our families, background checks for all adults who work with our children, and even AI ethics conversations of a broader nature for our families. Safety will be of the utmost importance and everyone's responsibility.


Can you provide more details about the final outcome of the school?

Students will be learning in a project-based environment, given leadership training, creating products as opposed to just learning through absorption, and getting access to cutting edge professionals and technologies. It is a college-prep education and will provide real world certifications as opposed to AP testing, which only follows a student into college. In Jennifer's Log Cabin Schoolhouse she likes to seek what she calls "double and triple wins". A course should provide a student with both a high school credit AND something more: college credit, a certification, lead to an internship, or create a saleable product. If every course in high school has a double win, imagine the world we'd be living in?


How does the program cater to different learning paces and styles?

Since student empowerment is a primary feature of this school, differences among students shouldn't matter. Each child is a beautiful, unique individual we are helping to craft into their fulfilled, happy adult self. We welcome all students who are ready to work hard.


What math curriculum does MARS use?

We won't require one math curriculum for the middle school and high school cohorts at first. But we may in the future. For Math Workshop, we will dive into as many math topics and mathematicians as we can each year growing our students into math rhetoricians.
Mathematics is the language of the universe and as a STEM school, we must do it to excellence in order to make sense of the cutting-edge things that are happening today. Why are quantum computers faster? What's coming after quantum? How does slicing work in 3D printing? How will we keep our power grid secure? What are the ethics of AI? It all has to do with math at its foundation. But don't worry. Jennifer has a way with making it seem easy by weaving in the history of mathematicians and gamifying everything. There is even a dream of creating a VR math curriculum just for MARS. We are going to work smarter, not harder.


Can parents be involved in MARS somehow?

YES!!! We will need all hands-on deck in order to create something that has never been done before. Every parent can let us know what they want to be involved in: teaching, volunteering, administration work?


Will this be an academic AND social environment?

YES!! We will be providing the highest level of cutting-edge courses we can put together for our students, but with all of the team building involved, the kids will have lots of opportunities to get to know everyone in their cohort. Plus, we plan to have a monthly activity calendar for the families so parents and siblings can get involved as well.


Will the students have a learning management system?

Yes, this will be a Microsoft Education school. All kids will receive a MS 0365 for Education A3 license FREE with their tuition and have MS Teams for each of their classes. Along with this comes Minecraft Education Edition. Students will be connected all week long to grow relationships.


When will MARS meet on campus?

We are planning to meet once a week for our Founding Year on Tuesdays for Middle and High schoolers (a full school day). We can't meet Mondays due to too many bank holidays. Wednesdays and Fridays Jennifer wasn't available. The students will be connected all week virtually through their Microsoft Teams environment.


What are the fees?

There are three fees in order to reserve your student's seat in the micsoschool:

1) ($75) Code Combat License - The license is for our middle and high schoolers to do their coding class and it lasts for the school year through our partnership with Code Combat.

2) ($100) Material Fee - From microscopes to printers to pens and paper, MARS will need materials to run. The program will be organizing as a non-profit and have a board that will set up a budget for how we will manage this fund throughout the 24-25 school year. It will be spent in full on the children registered during this school year. Some items may be forever-items for the school, like microscopes that can bless students for many years into the future. And some will be consumables. The board will publish how this fund is spent.

3) ($100) Registration Fee - From insurance to registering our new non-profit to paying rent to DivRgence and building a new website, we will need some start-up funding. This small amount from each family will prop us up as we get our new, cutting-edge microschool rolling. How this fund is spent will be determined by the board of directors once the non-profit is formed and all information will be public to our families. Everyone is invited to board meetings as we start hosting them. This will be everyone's exciting new venture!

(Email to apply to be on the board.)

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