Log Cabin Schoolhouse Planner

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Log Cabin Schoolhouse Planner makes you the BEST homeschool parent or student you can be! Download planner here.

(Parent’s or Student’s Planner)

Monthly and Weekly Planner Pages (2 page spread for lots of room!)

Sample additional planning pages for a successful school year!

High School planning worksheet pages so you can feel confident you are giving your high school student an excellent education at home. These forms are the pure gold.

Table of Contents

Log Cabin Schoolhouse Planner makes you the BEST homeschool planner you can be! Download planner here.

  1. 12 month view School year 2023-2024
  2. Resolutions Planning (See my blog post on how to make best use of this page. You should be looking at this page every Sunday during your weekly planning time.)
  3. Password Keeper Page (Only write Homeschool passwords or safe to lose ones. Never write passwords to financial sites on anything that regularly will leave your house with you. Losing it cannot be catastrophic. I left a planner at a Homeschool Convention once and never saw it again. So sad. I have two pages of passwords just for school sites, maybe you do too?)
  4. Reading Log (Do you have a bunch of books on your nightstand that you’ve been wanting to read? Are you afraid to put them back into the shelf in case you forget you wanted to read them? Now you have a place to write them down and you can clear up that nightstand! Plus, log those books you’ve already finished so you can try to beat the amount of books you read this year!) This year I even printed out all the books we checked out of the local library! Maybe your library has that feature as well!
  5. Monthly Homeschool Planning.
  6. Multiple worksheets to plan for HIGH SCHOOL! Don’t we all need this?  It includes a 4 Year Subject Planner and Notes per Student (I love having somewhere I can SEE where we are headed with each subject. Then the notes page is for transcript info, college planning) Download transcripts templates from our homepage.
  7. Insert Activity Calendars from sports, dance, classes, schools, etc.
  8. Current Year and Next Year Curriculum Planner per Student (I write down all the curriculum, no matter how minuscule, on the first page going into a school year. I will never again lose track of a great idea, even websites with book list ideas. The second side is the ideas I come across that I know I can’t fit in during the current school year. Then when I sit down over the next summer to plan the next year’s curriculum, I already have a head start and it’s not like starting all over again.)
  9. Month Calendars August 2023 – August 2024 (2 page spread)
  10. Weekly Planner Page (2 page spread) (Note a major goal for the week along with what books you’re currently enjoying.)
  11. Blank Lined Notes Pages


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