High School Biology w/ CLEP prep



Instructor:  Sara Donovall – BS Biology –  Messiah, Educator – Messiah, HS biology Teacher – West Shore Christian 2018-19

Location: 102 Carriage Lane, Carlisle PA 17015

When: (14) Fridays, Spring Semester, 9:00 – 11:00 AM. This will be a two semester class. This registration is for Spring. No refunds after the first week.

Grades:  Motivated 8th graders to 9 – 12th graders

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High School Biology Class

Biology I – In this class your student will explore biology using a classical approach.

A successful student will be self-motivated, able to complete assigned weekly reading, as well as interact with peers on a digital platform (Google Classroom) during the week.

Students will be given tips to prepare for the CLEP Biology test, which can be worth up to 6 college credits! We’ll utilize Modern States in order to obtain a voucher for saving the $87 test fee. 

On class day (Fridays), we will spend time;

  • drilling vocab,
  • discussing the topic of the week, and
  • developing rhetorical skills by completing scientific drawings, presenting research to your classmates and seeking answers to good questions.

Class time may also include outside exploration, microscope work, hands-on labs and dissections.

Following this model, the goal is to prepare your student to pursue further studies in the natural sciences.


Grade suggestion given by teacher. Methods of grading will include;

  • lab reports,
  • quizzes, and
  • exams.

Some possible topics include:

  • cell biology,
  • intro to chemistry,
  • intro to botany,
  • genetics,
  • evolution,
  • ecology and
  • animals. 


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