Elemental Chemistry Class




  • Textbook: Chemistry for the Logic Stage (student guide)
  • lab goggles (check dollar tree)
  • 3″x5″ or 4″x6″ notecards
  • pens/pencils/colored pencils or fine tip markers
  • device to access Google Classroom
  • Minecraft Education Edition (How to install

Optional (but recommended):

Instructor:  Sara Donovall – BS Biology, Messiah student, then employee/teacher, HS biology Teacher at West Shore Christian 2018-19

Location: Walnut Bottom Rd in Carlisle (specific location provided after registration) 

When: Two days a week Fall semester. Fridays, (9:00 – 10:30 AM EST). Wednesdays (1-2:30 PM EST) This will be a two semester class. This registration is for Fall. Grades:  5th – 8th (exceptions will be considered for other grades)

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Elemental Chemistry Class – 5th through 8th graders

Welcome to Elemental Chemistry for the Logic Stage! In this class we will be exploring the world of chemistry with hands-on experiments, videos, reading, report writing and sharing information with our fellow classmates.

This will be a two-day class, meeting on Fridays (9-10:30 AM EST) in person and Wednesdays (1-2:30 PM EST) online. Wednesdays will include Minecraft Education Edition projects.

As a student in this class you will be expected to come to class prepared to discuss material and keep up with homework in order to have the best experience possible! If you wish to have this class graded, I will expect you to turn in assignments on time. Quizzes and tests will be taken virtually only. 

Syllabus for Elemental Chemistry: Fall 2020 (subject to change) *

Unit 1: Periodic table

Sept 4: Class begins, Week 1- Elements, Atoms, and Ions

Sept 9: Online – Element Project due

Sept 11: Week 2 -Periodic table

Sept 16: Online –

Sept 18: Week 3 – Metals

Sept 23: Online

Sept 25: Week 4 – Poor metals/Semimetals

Sept 30: Online

Oct 2: Week 5 – Non Metals

Oct 7: Online – Exam #1

*Unit 2 Matter

Oct 9: Week 6 – States of Matter

Oct 14: Online

Oct 16: Week 7 – Properties of Matter

Oct 21: Online

Oct 23: Week 8 – Kinetic Theory and Gases

Oct 28: Online

Oct 30: Week 9 – Crystals

Nov 4: Online – Exam #2

*Unit 3 – Solutions

Nov 6: Week 10 – Molecules and Mixtures

Nov 11: Online

Nov 13: Week 11 – Solutions Nov 18: Online

Nov 20: Week 12 – Separating mixtures and compounds

Nov 25/27 NO CLASS Thanksgiving Break

Dec 4: Week 13 – Chemical Analysis

Dec 11: Week 14 – Holiday party/review Units 1-3

Dec 16: Online – 1st semester finalexam/reports/project

COVID Disclaimer “Covid precautions -this class will be offered in person, with the option of simultaneously watching via Zoom. Events in our homes are private, not public events. Therefore, students should wear masks if desired by their family, but we won’t be enforcing social distancing or masks at events in our home. We will try to keep events outside as much as possible. People who feel ill, have a temperature or have been in contact with a Covid-positive person in the last 14 days should not attend physically, but participate virtually. As teachers, we will not be masked. Students will be encouraged to keep their hands to themselves. Surfaces in common areas will be disinfected frequently. If one of the teachers shows symptoms, or has come into known contact with any Covid-positive people, classes will be taught virtually during their isolation. For this reason we ask all participating families have internet access and a computer available for student use.”


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