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Project Manager: Jennifer Wolverton

When: See book due dates on the calendar. We will read “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” in August, then discuss it in September in our Google Classrooms.

Grades: 3rd through 6th

IMPORTANT: In the “Additional Notes” section in your checkout, please include your child’s First Name, Last Initial, and Grade level (For example: LoganW, 4th Grade)

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Log Cabin Schoolhouse CLASSICS Book Club

Come on a journey through the Classics…

through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, King Arthur, Robin Hood, and more…

We’ll study authors, Newberry Awards, poetry, and biography!

Allow your student to challenge themselves to raise their reading level over the course of the year.


I now have visions of my 4th grade son stepping onto the CC Cruise his twelfth grade year for his high school graduation having a few dozen friends from around the country and his elementary school book club to greet him!

The interest in this book club was so massive that instead of having just one classroom for all 3rd through 6th graders, I’m creating four individual grade leveled classrooms that will be filled with Classical Conversations students from all over the nation! Let’s make some new, book loving, like-minded friends! I will cap the book club at 250 students this time as we navigate this for the first time. I hope you’ll all stay patient with me as we get this up and running. It’s going to be pretty awesome!

I had originally thought I’d add about 20 additional students and it wouldn’t cost me any additional time investment, but I do have to charge for something this large. Though, I’m hoping to keep it affordable. $8 for an entire year’s Book Club. You can register each student for $8.00 on this site. That will cover my extra time investment. Also, I plan to hire one discussion moderator or tutor for each classroom. Let me know if you’re interested in one of those positions. I’ll be praying for certified Reading Teachers who have a little extra time to invest in this project!

In the beginning, middle, and end of this club, we have a mom who was an elementary teacher doing reading level assessments of the children. You’ll be offered the opportunity to sign up for an assessment time slot for a nominal fee. During that time, she plans to both assess and teach moms how to do the assessments themselves going forward if they want. I am an engineer and am excited to outsource that job to an expert for a small cost. Plus, I know my son will enjoy working on something like this with someone other than mom. While I homeschool, I still believe in the village!

One more blessing from joining us will be learning how to utilize the Google Classroom and all of it’s associated tools. I plan to have a separate “mom classroom” where we can all chat about best practices in using these tools.

I hope to meet you all in the Google Classrooms VERY soon!

Register here today!

Jen at Log Cabin Schoolhouse


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