Come on an Algebra journey…

through the memory work, patterns, and language

of higher-level math,

through chart mastery, historical timeline,

simple worksheets, and loads of captivating games!

Come find enjoyment in math!


An Algebra Club Teacher’s Guide for a class that will create rhetorical mathematicians.

The Teacher’s Guide includes all Answer Key’s and complete set of Games!

Class will be broken up into three segments:

  • Learning about the history of mathematicians,
  • Memorizing math formulas, vocabulary, and problem solving tools in eight categories of algebra, one group of geometry, and one group of Fathers of Math,
  • and finally, but MOST anticipated will be games utilizing their new Algebra memory work.

The goal of this class will be to learn how to have fun “talking” Algebra, how to sketch from memory all important Algebra formulas and concepts, and to discover the FUN in upper level mathematics! All levels of Algebra from Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2, and including Geometry students will benefit from discovering the language and rhetoric of mathematics.

Course Materials

Required Text

  • Algebra Club Student Workbook
  • Algebra Club Teachers Guide (Includes Class Games)

Required Materials

  • 12”x12” (or so) white board
  • White board markers, eraser
  • Notebook of grid paper (spiral bound)
  • Pencils, calculator
  • 1” binder