4.1 Jeopardy in PowerPoint

Let’s create a Jeopardy game in Microsoft PowerPoint!

What is Microsoft PowerPoint anyway?

OK. That’s the history of this software. Now what can it do?

WOW! That’s cool! Now, what about working on my presentation skills?

That’s really cool too! Now, here’s how to create a narrated PowerPoint video that you could even upload to YouTube!

We’re going to make a game though. So, these are just food for thought since I’m sure you’ll want to use PowerPoint in your next project after playing with it today!

1) Open a new, blank PowerPoint.

2) Create boxes for dollar rectangles ($100-$500) and five categories.

  • Click on insert, then shapes. Choose the rectangle with the rounded corners. Then put your cursor in the ppt and draw the box
  • Type the $100 into the first box.

Excellent job creating your game!

Now you can either go play it or try out this Blooket on the topic of “Microsoft PowerPoint”! See how well you know this application now!

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