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Take a virtual math class with an engineer!

Our Math Program


Meet your Coach, Jennifer.

We are going to do math to a high bar.

AND have fun doing it.

I hope you’re up for the challenge!

Have you ever heard about any mathematicians? We will discover them along the way through the Beast Academy math texts. Do you know Al Khwarizmi? He’s Jennifer’s favorite mathematician from Persia in 800 AD.

Math is a language and should never be studied alone.

Find math friends HERE!

Choose your inspirer (teacher or coach) very carefully. Especially if your child isn’t yet inspired by math by themself.

Girls make EXCELLENT process or systems engineers. As good students who enjoy school and doodling in notebooks, engineering calls to them, though they don’t usually know, thanks to our culture.

Empowering Future Innovators: Meet Jennifer, an engineer turned STEM educator on a mission to revolutionize math and technology education for K12 kids. With a gamified teaching style and a passion for lifelong learning, she’s inspiring young minds to embrace the wonders of technology while nurturing their confidence to become world-changing mathematicians.

First, we raise the CONFIDENCE.

Then we create the MATHEMATICIAN.

In every child.

Virtual Math Classes


What People Say About Us

"This has been a lifesaving, tear drying, love for math constant for my son and me. When we moved from PA to SC, Log Cabin Schoolhouse came with us, and it was beyond a blessing!"
My daughter recently completed AOPS Pre-Algebra with Krystal of Log Cabin School House this spring of 2022. My daughter looked forward to class each week as she really enjoy participating in math games with her classmates and having the opportunity to review problems she found extremely challenging throughout the week. She also greatly benefitted from learning how to explain how a problem is approached and solved by completing her math writing problems. As mom, I benefitted by seeing my daughter’s math confidence and ability increase each week without any assistance from me (well aside from finding the laptop charger). Additionally, the teachers are so invested in all students offering parents the opportunity to meet with one-on-one to discuss homeschooling goals, concerns, and assistance with planning future curriculum. I am very grateful to LCSH because it provides quality academics at a fraction of the price. My daughter is looking forward to taking Algebra with LCSH in the fall.
I had tried to implement the Beast Academy curriculum at home for my daughters on two separate occasions before I found Log Cabin School House. My daughter and I would begin strong plowing through book A and B until we hit an objective that felt impossible to grasp. I would then find a different curriculum to teach the concept on a more simplified level, my child would be excited about math being “easy”, and we would not return to Beast math. In the Fall of 2020, my daughter (who isn’t a huge fan of math) began Beast 3 with LCSH (the other Beast 4). She absolutely loved reading the comics, neat notebook (that she decorated like Lizzie’s “neat notebook” in the comic), and the math games. Her method of approaching a problem in both academic and non-academic settings changed. When she found a concept difficult to grasp, someone from LCSH was available to help her. There were tears of joy when we finished Book 3D (finally made it to D without giving up) in the Spring of 2021 with LCSH. She also learned to like math and is looking forward to entering Beast 5 Fall 2022. As a parent, LCSH has allowed me the opportunity to be mom and not teacher for the one subject my daughter and I constantly warred over. My new “responsibility” was to ensure she was completing her assignments and to provide assistance when asked. I am so grateful to Ms. Jen for courageously beginning this live online course as it greatly blessed my family’s homeschool journey.

LCSH Math Classes Details:



LCSH Math 3

Thursdays, 4 – 5:10 CST

August 17th – May 2nd

$69 / month

LCSH Math 4

Wednesdays, 4 – 5:10 CST

August 16th – May 1st

$69 / month

LCSH Math 5

Tuesdays, 4 – 5:10 CST

August 15th – April 30th

$69 / month

Flash Cards 3

Access NOW


Learn math language in three levels through elementary math.

This set is level 3.

They go nicely along with Beast Academy but could be used with any 3rd grade math curriculum.

Flash Cards 4

Access NOW


Learn math language in three levels through elementary math.

This set is level 4.

They go nicely along with Beast Academy but could be used with any 4th grade math curriculum.

Flash Cards 5

Access NOW


Learn math language in three levels through elementary math.

This set is level 5.

They go nicely along with Beast Academy but could be used with any 5th grade math curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What math curriculum to you use?

A: Beast Academy

Q: Do you teach level 2?

A: We are teaching BA levels 3, 4, & 5.

Q: What if we miss a class?

A: We record classes so you can travel if you want to!

Q: Can my 6-year-old join?

A: If your student can sit still for the 90-minute class and knows when to speak and when not to, age does not matter. They join by ability to do the level.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Since we have a subscription model, anyone can try out a month of classes for $69 with the ability to cancel at any time. You’ll get much more than $69 in value just for being with Jennifer for a month inside of her Microsoft environment.

Q: Can you teach a different time for a level?

A: Jennifer has three full time jobs: homeschooling her son, running her LLC, and lobbying for special ed kids and education in Alabama. So she doesn’t have many free hours.

Q: Does Jennifer tutor 1:1?

A: Rarely. 

Q: Will my student enjoy these classes?

A: We’ve found that the kids love these classes. Many times it becomes their favorite class.

Q: Can we ask math questions after class?

A: Yes! We have a chat tool for class so kids can get questions answered all week!

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