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Currently I’m working hard on the new 2017 – 2018 school year PLANNER! Below you’ll find my first version of my planner. The new one is going to be vastly redone.  Be ready… it’s going to be nothing short of AMAZING!!!


(Click here to open the PDF version of the Log Cabin Schoolhouse Planner!)

Homeschool Planner 50pg

I thoroughly enjoy planning, making spreadsheets, thinking big thoughts, anything similar to New Year’s Resolution setting!  All. Of. It.  So when I started homeschooling in 2012 I was in planning heaven.  My planning has changed over the past few years while I grew into my homeschool mom strides.  This is the first year that I feel like I’m on top of my game… I think I heard there is a three year period where we all “get used to” the homeschool lifestyle and all the knowledge that must go with it.  That statistic has proven true for me!  I’d like to share my planner with the homeschool community for FREE this year.  I know a number of moms personally who are just now starting out similarly to the way I did… jumping in cold and hoping to land on your feet!  So, enjoy this bundle of planning documents.  I have one request if you download them:  please send me feedback on what you would like to see different, more of, less of, whatnot.

I’ll also include directions to how I set up my binder.  I will probably print my students’ planners and have them bound, but I like to put my mom planner in a white 1″ binder so I can add ALL the calendars we moms get all year round (cheerleading, dance, co-ops, Art classes, YMCA schedules, etc.).  I’ll probably also add any syllabi that we use during the year so when we’re planning our weekly work I can see the entire year at a glance.   Some of those documents will show up later in the year, so minimally keep a folder with your planner so it can all be easy to find when you’re making your weekly plans.

Homeschool Planner for MOM and STUDENT: use some or all of these sheets…

2016-06-03 (20).png

Cover Page:  Print this out, tape a picture to it and laminate.  (Or use it as inspiration to design a personalized cover page.)  I made a box down in the bottom for each child (one or many) to sign in their best handwriting each year.  Over the years you can see their handwriting progress through this window!

2016-06-03 (21).png

Annual School Calendar: (See above.)  There is a key at the top so you can create your own school calendar including holidays, field trips, and whatever else is important.

2016-06-03 (33)

Homeschool Planning:  This is specifically for MOM.  I include first and last days of school, legal due dates for homeschooling, standardized testing, due dates for joining HSLDA and other homeschool groups, dates of curriculum sales that happen regularly, field trip planning, planner/syllabus planning, evaluations.

2016-06-03 (32).png

Field Trip / Activity Planner:  Here is where you write anything month-specific such as field trips.  I include NANO (November is National Novel Writing Month), First and Last Day of School,  Standardized Testing, Volunteer Work if it’s month-specific, Productions.

2016-06-03 (29).png

Reading Log:  (Not pictured) I put one of these in my kids binders AND mine!

2016-06-03 (23).png

Monthly Calendar:  To these I add sticky tabs so I can flip right to the month I am currently planning.

2016-06-03 (22).png

Lists:  Here I maintain a monthly list of things I need to do, shop for, prepare for school, or do as a chore.  Every month I begin a new one so I can reassess what to add or subtract from the list. I can also see at a glance at the end of the year which months are more/less efficient and how.

resolution chart pic.jpg  2016-06-03 (31).png

Resolution Chart (mostly for mom, but can be used by students):  This is what makes this planner special.  I firmly believe that if I don’t know what I’m trying to learn or achieve from the beginning, there is no way to measure if I were successful at the end of the school year.  In this resolution chart you write down 5-7 things that are meaningful to you, and that would put a big smile on your face if you completed them.  Then as the months progress, you shade them red, yellow, or green on how successful you were.  I included a copy of mine here as an example.  Mine is quite complex, but a simple booklist of books you really have been wanting to complete could be a perfect resolution as well.  Keep it simple or make it multiple categories like I do.  Just be sure you’re happy!  Growing mentally and physically results in happiness.

Weekly Planner:  I fill these out every Sunday night.  I’ve included three versions of this and will probably create more in time.  This coming school year I plan to do it with my kids while we relax in the evening.  I found last year that my DD who did her own planner never saw our family calendar when doing her plans so she would plan large loads of schoolwork on a field trip day.  That never went over well as she is a very diligent child!  Also new next year I’ll be teaching my younger DD to do her planning for the first time.  So again, sitting all together will be a blessing!  (You’ll notice at the top there’s a blank for “Book”… that’s where  you write the ONE book you’d like to read some or all of this week… Aren’t we all hoping for a few moments to sit and read, but never quite find the time?  So if it’s on your planner… just maybe a few pages will be read…)

2016-06-03 (30).png

Attendance Log:  Some states require attendance to be kept.  When we lived in VA we didn’t have to do this, but in PA we do.  I enjoy keeping track of it now and don’t think I’ll stop even if we move into another state.

2016-06-03 (28).png

Curriculum Plan:  Around May I start thinking about what each of my kids will do the following year for curriculum.  BUT, if I had this form handy all year I might jot down thoughts as we go along the entire year.  SO, here it is… and I’ll keep it in a section towards the back of my planner for the next year.  I may even keep one set of the current year’s curriculum in the front of my planner.

2016-06-03 (27).png


Syllabus:  Some years, I needed more of this form than other years.  I find that I make up curriculum sometimes, and this comes in handy for helping me to see the big picture of what we are hoping to learn.  When purchased curriculum comes with a syllabi, it should be photo copied and placed inside the planner.  It saves tons of time when doing weekly plans to have those to glance at.

Enjoy this FREE 50 page planner!  And please remember to comment and send feedback! ?


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