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Homeschool Planner Feedback

In the below form I’d love feedback on what the perfect Homeschool Planner might offer? I’m trying to procure a planner that is

  • a one time a year download (You can print as many times as necessary for large families.)
  • Multiple Cover Pages to choose from
  • A Base Calendar Planner with optional Mods to add in
  • Mods will be on various categories such as (Holiday Planning, Seasonal Yard Planning, Menu Planning, Life Planning, Home Maintenance Planning, Homeschool Planning)

Let me know now what you’d like to see! Imagine getting the perfect planner for everyone in your family for one small price!  It can only be perfect though if you give me the specs you’re looking for! I have a wonderful Feedback Team of 15 lovely ladies, but would love to hear from others! Those ladies have already gotten my gears turning and next year’s planner is going to be totally redone from this year.  It will be nothing short of AMAZING!

Jen at Log Cabin Schoolhouse

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