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CC Dashboard Cycle 1


I wanted one place for my now 8 year old son to go, to play interactively and visually with his memory work for Classical Conversations. Here’s my first attempt at a FUN dashboard. I’d love any ideas from anyone else!


ENGLISH Preposition Definition and Song

ENGLISH Helping Verbs WEEKS 14 – 19


LATIN Noun Declensions Chart to download: at the bottom of the page.

LATIN Noun Cases sung to Three Blind Mice


MATH Saying the Cubes

MATH Gallon Man Week 13

MATH Teaspoons and Tablespoons AND Metric Measurements

MATH Geometry Song From Missy Wilson’s YouTube Channel!

MATH Associative Law by Missy Wilson’s YouTube Channel!

MATH Commutative Law by Missy Wilson’s YouTube Channel!

MATH Distributive Law by Missy Wilson’s YouTube Channel!

MATH Identity Law

MATH Facts 2×2 through 15×15   Quizlet Deck

HISTORY Use the App

WEEK 4 See the Seven Wonders

WEEK 5 Tell me about the Romans

WEEK 6 Ancient Greek Empire

Tell me about the age of Imperialism.
HISTORY WEEK 13 Tell me about the Kush
HISTORY WEEK 15 – Tell me about Prince Henry the Navigator
WEEK 18 Tell me about the Mound Builders


From Seterra Website and Amanda Predmore’s “Where in the World” Product!

WEEK 1 What is the Fertile Crescent?

WEEK 2 What is the Assyrian Empire?

WEEK 4 What is the Hittite Empire?

Week 8 Indus River Valley Civilization


WEEK 15 Middle East


SCIENCE: Week 1 What are the Classifications of living things?

Week 2 Science What are the Kingdoms of Living things?

Week 3 Science: What are some parts of an animal cell?

Week 5 What are the major groups of invertebrates?


WEEK 6 What are the five main groups of vertebrates?

WEEK 8 What are some types of seed plants?

SCIENCE Week 13 What are some parts of the Geosphere (Earth)?


WEEK 15 What are the continents highest mountains?




LATIN: Use this file to learn the Latin Noun Declensions.