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Algebra Club

Come on an Algebra journey…

through the memory work, patterns, and language of higher level math,

through chart mastery, historical timeline, simple worksheets, and loads of captivating games!

Watch your student find enjoyment in math.



An Algebra class that will create rhetorical mathematicians.

Class will be broken up into three segments:

  • Learning about the history of mathematicians,
  • Memorizing math formulas, vocabulary, and problem solving tools in eight categories of algebra, one group of geometry, and one group of Fathers of Math,
  • and finally, but MOST anticipated will be games utilizing their new Algebra memory work.

The goal of this class will be to learn how to have fun “talking” Algebra, how to sketch from memory all important Algebra formulas and concepts, and to discover the FUN in upper level mathematics! All levels of Algebra from Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2, and including Geometry students will benefit from discovering the language and rhetoric of mathematics.



  • Math Antics – This is, IMO, the BEST place to find videos to show any elementary topic in a fun way to your students. This knowledge should be solid or nearly solid previous to joining Algebra Club.

Math Antics

  • Khan Academy – Most people have heard of Khan. It’s very thorough! More thorough than Math Antics, but not as fun and colorful. Definitely a great choice to explain content. Contains higher level math through Calculus while Math Antics does not.

Khan Academy

  • Prodigy Game – This game is a colorful, fun game that my kids say is a cross between Pokemon, Zelda, and Khan Academy. Mom or Teacher can select what standards she wants to see her child learning. Then Prodigy tests the child out of skills they know and reveals what they don’t know. It doesn’t have videos explaining content. You have to go to Math Antics or Khan for that. Then send them back into Prodigy to “play” through the content you just revisited with them by assigning quizes. I have a post explaining more on Prodigy HERE. A student considering Algebra Club might level themselves here to find any holes in their math education. This program goes through grade 8 so some algebra and geometry is included.

Prodigy Math Game


Plan a weekly meetup that will go as follows:

  1. Give a white board lesson on the weekly chart such as the sample “Number Sense” chart below.
  2. Show a short, fun video that further explains the content on one chart, as well as supports visual and auditory learning styles.
  3. Students will build a Mathematics Timeline over the course of the school year. Have each student bring one fact to class with them each week to grow this product. Have them put their facts on a giant timeline on the white board while they update their personal 11×17 timeline they are keeping in their binders. Have them bring colored pencils to make this artful and fun.
  4. Games. Multiplication Facts Around the World (ATW) each week for five minutes. ATW shows students their growth by seeing how much faster they are at the end of the year. Knowing Math Facts is crucial to higher math success. Plus, we will play some games on content from previously learned charts such as Number Sense BINGO, Exponent sentence matching, Kahootz Algebra, and Algebra Club Pictionary. All of the students will have their favorites by the end of the school year. In my classroom, if someone creates a game and brings it in as a donation to the classroom, they get a large prize of some sort. This builds entrepreneurship in those who are interested – but is not mandatory.

ALGEBRA CLUB – Table of Contents


  • Chart A: TEACH
  • Worksheet: Number Sense
  • Games:


  • Video   
  • Multiplication Mad Minute Math-Aids.Com Multiplication Mad Minute 3 minute drill 1-12 factors with answer key
  • Chart B: (Copy this chart three times. You should start by looking at it and just copying it. Then analyze the patterns so you can learn the variations between properties. Finally work towards writing the chart without looking. The first time you do it, you may have to look all three times. You will start to get more comfortable with it over time.)
  • See if you can do Worksheet A from the first class. 
  • Try doing Worksheet B after copying the chart three times. You learn a lot more from wrong answers than you do right ones, so don’t be afraid to attempt it without looking at the answer key. Please try it first before looking.
  • Game: Kahoot! (Use the links I sent you in the email to go to Kahoot for our cyber Algebra Club day. That will create our classroom challenge. These links have to stay here for my other Beta Classrooms.)

WEEK 3 EXPONENT LAWS – exponents

  • Multiplication BINGO
  • Mad Minute
  • Videos   
    • Exponents
  • Discuss Chart C: EXPONENTS – Exponents
  • Discuss Exponents C Worksheet
  • Game: Exponent Match Up
  • Timeline
    • Watch History of Algebra by Khan Academy
    • Assign Teams to argue who was the father of Algebra for NEXT WEEK.
      • Team Diophantus
      • Team Al kwarizmi
    •  By Khan Academy (7 minute video)

WEEK 4 EXPONENTS – radicals

  • Multiplication BINGO – using Algebra Club BINGO Cards
  • Mad Minute
  • Videos   – Radicals
  • Discuss Chart C: EXPONENTS – Radicals
  • Discuss Radicals C Worksheet
  • Game: Radicals MATCH IT
  • Timeline
    • Set timer for 3 minutes of last minute research!
    • Draw straws for which team will go first:
      • 3 minutes: Team Diophantus
      • 3 minutes: Team Al kwarizmi
      • Judges make a decision: Who is the Father of Algebra?
  • Kahoot Reviewing Operations with Radicals
  • Kahoot Simplifying Radicals

WEEK 5 EXPONENTS – Logarithms

  • Multiplication Game – Multiplication Arrays
  • Videos   
    • Logarithms
  • Just for FUN!!!
  • Discuss Chart C: EXPONENTS – Logarithms
  • Discuss Logarithms C Worksheet
    • To further understand logarithms go to Hippocampus online and watch the Phoenix set of Algebra 2 Logarithm videos.
  • Games:
  • Timeline –
    • Set timer for 3 minutes of last minute research!
    • Draw straws for which team will go first:
      • 3 minutes: Team Diophantus
      • 3 minutes: Team Al kwarizmi
      • Judges make a decision: Who is the Father of Algebra?


  • Play Space Odyssey Video as kids are sitting down! Oooo Ahhhhh…..
  • Multiplication BINGO on ALGEBRA Club BINGO Cards
  • Videos


  • Multiplication on Quizlet Deck “Around the World”
  • Videos


  • CHARTS: Copy charts D and E five times each working from copying towards memory. Next week there will be an opportunity to master both. If you already have those mastered, review them once each and move on to whichever you plan to copy five times. Choose one to master next week.
  • Multiplication on Quizlet Deck.
  • Videos
    •  NEW!!
  • Worksheets-work out as many worksheets as you can in about 20 minutes.
    • A – Number Sense Review
    • B – Properties Review
    • C – Exponents (3)
    • D – Cartesian Coordinates
    • E – Absolute Value
  • 11:30 Google Hangouts Games:
    • Any Kahootz from weeks 1 – 7.


    • Multiplication MAD MINUTE!!
    • Euclid and Geometry –  Where was “Algebra” in the educational process in the time of Pythagoras?       


  • Multiplication War!! (Get a partner and battle through one deck of cards. Winner has the most cards at the end.)
  • CHART QUIZ (at home, email in to me before Friday)
  • Games
    • Geometry Memory Match
    • Review all games


  • Pentaminos Challenge!
  • Multiplication Mad Minute
  • Chart Test! (Assign for at home, email to me by Friday. PRIZES?)
  • Teach Chart G (Systems of Equations)
    • Teach System of Equations Chart G Worksheet
  • Games
    • Algebra Club System of Equations Jeopardy – Go to the bottom of the thread.
    • Review any old games


  • The Beauty I see in Algebra: Margot Gerritsen

  • Pentaminoes Challenge
  • Mad Minute
  • Chart Test!
    • Pass back old Tests.

  • Introduce Chart H Graphs
  • Do Graphing Quadratics Worksheets.
  • Using Desmos to understand Parabolas or Quadratics
    • Let’s play “Polygraph: 12 Functions” on Desmos to really practice our graphing vocabulary!

      Graphing Calculator Course: This course is a good one to bookmark for completing a semester or summer before or after Algebra 2 or Trigonometry. 

  • Game


  • Multiplication Mad Minute
  • Chart Test!
    • Pass back old Tests.
    • AWARDS


Check out composite and inverse functions on Hippocampus, a wonderful website for learning higher math.


  • FINAL Multiplication Mad Minute
  • Pass back old chart Tests.
    • AWARDS
    • Fathers Timeline Game
    • Algebra Club BINGO
    • Properties Footloose
    • Exponents Match It
    • Cartesian Coordinate Battleship
    • Geometry Memory Match
    • Algebra Club Pictionary