Classical & Rhetorical Mathematics

Embark on a dreamy journey where math transforms into an enchanting symphony of timeless wisdom and eloquent discourse.

Join our Classical and Rhetorical New Math Class to discover the celestial beauty of mathematics like never before.


Join us at the monkey's wrench this spring!

Come to the Monkey’s Wrench on Fridays at 1 pm this Spring to ask your math questions and have discussions about vocabulary, formulas, and important historical figures in mathematics.

This may be the only semester this forum is ever completely FREE

So don’t miss out!

Jennifer will answer questions that your student brings in with them. So, consider it an open math help desk. But it’ll also be a time to really get to know the words, numbers, and symbols that make up the nomenclature of the world.

Mathematics truly is the language of the world and its design.

Unlock the Magic of Math: Join Our Math Adventure!

Explore the fascinating world of mathematics, unraveling its vocabulary, formulas, and rich history, while honing your skills in answering math help desk style questions.

ALL ages welcome! Jennifer is trained through the calculus levels, but this free help desk is best for kindergarten through algebra 2.

We may do some Neat Notebooks!

Welcome to Neat Notebooks, where learning feels like a cozy fireside chat with a friend and a steaming cup of cocoa!

In our magical math journey, we’re diving headfirst into the captivating world of Basic Operations—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Together, we’ll unlock the secrets of these mathematical wonders, exploring their standard algorithms, uncovering fascinating patterns, and mastering essential vocabulary words.

Get ready for an adventure that’s as warm and inviting as that cocoa by the fire!

pre algebra practice games
pre algebra practice games
math club virtual class

We may break out some ALGEBRA CLUB!

You can scroll down below to see what “Algebra Club” is. Depending on the ages of the kids that come in, we’ll look at the charts as memory tools and strategize different ways to have fun learning higher math through the games in this program. No purchase necessary unless you want to do them at home.


Here's what we're starting with this Spring!

Minecraft Club

Come Hangout and Play Minecraft from 1 - 2 PM on Fridays.

Math Help Desk

Need help with math this semester? Bring your books and a grid notebook to the Monkey's Wrench from 1:30 - 2:30 on Fridays. We'll get you back on track!

Algebra Club

The goal of this class will be to learn how to have fun “talking” Algebra, how to sketch from memory all important Algebra formulas and concepts, and to discover the FUN in upper level mathematics! All levels of Algebra from Pre-Algebra through Algebra 2, and including Geometry students will benefit from discovering the language and rhetoric of mathematics.

There are three main parts to this class.

  • Learning about the history of mathematicians,
  • Memorizing math formulas, vocabulary, and problem solving tools in eight categories of algebra, one group of geometry, and one group of Fathers of Math,
  • and finally, but MOST anticipated will be games utilizing their new Algebra memory work.

Algebra Club is the curriculum that every student of math needs to exercise their vocabulary, formula knowledge, and basic multiplication tables. Repetition is absolutely essential to excellence in math.

What students benefit?

  • Struggling students
  • Perfectionist students
  • Gifted students
  • Dyslexic students
  • Slow processing students
  • Pre-Algebra through Algebra II students
  • Geometry students
  • Students studying for the SAT’s
  • Basically, mental exercise is good for everyone!


A chart
C chart
D chart
math club virtual class
pre algebra practice games
algebra club
Algebra Club Student Workbook

Buy and enjoy the Student Workbook independently!

Arrange your own Algebra Club at your co-op! Buy one Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbooks for each student!

algebra club
Algebra Club Teacher's Guide
algebra club
Algebra Club Student Workbook