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Krystal Wolverton


I’m Krystal and I’ve homeschooled for seven years. As most things seem at first, math can be daunting. Even after spending twenty minutes on a problem and using page after page for working out a solution, you may find that you came to the wrong answer. As frustrating as this may be, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I started homeschooling in fifth grade and felt defeated when my mom handed me a third grade math curriculum. I found as I completed each page, though, that I could solve many of the problems. After finishing the third grade book, I discovered my mom’s strategy. She was not only trying to teach me math concepts that I may have missed, but she was trying to build my confidence. And to my surprise it worked! I found that math doesn’t have to be a daunting subject meant only for the genius. In fact, through math’s many ah-ha moments, it connects brain synopses literally growing your brain. And it takes no genius to have an ah-ha moment. Since I started tutoring math, I aim to help others have the same revelation.


Krystal Wolverton

*Krystal Wolverton will be a freshman at the University of Alabama in Huntsville for the 2020-21 school year studying Chemical Engineering. She found her love for math after taking her first Art of Problem Solving class. She’s homeschooled for seven years, and through dual enrollment at the local community college will graduate after her Junior year of high school. If you want to follow Krystal’s home-school journey you can use the links below.

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