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Northrop Grumman on the water in Newport News, VA was where I honed my skills as a Six Sigma Black Belt over various projects decreasing electronic errors in inventory processing, bringing in racking systems to better house inventory that would build aircraft carriers and submarines, organizing and cleaning up warehouses, and buying RF equipment to speed up inventory movements. I loved that job.

After five years there, I moved on to Capital One in Richmond where I spent time on virtual processes instead of moving real inventory you could hold in your hand. There I only worked for a few months before having my second child and finding it more important to be at home with my girls.

About eight years later we brought our girls home from school to join me at home. HOMESCHOOLING! The big adventure began. Bigger than engineering. About that same time my husband began to telecommute for Microsoft.

So, we set out on a grand adventure purchasing a log cabin in the mountains.  We moved from a very populated Virginia Beach to tiny Aspers, Pennsylvania.  This change catapulted our family into our homeschool adventure full speed ahead!

In 2016, we moved to Carlisle where we could be closer to a city.  During that time I authored Algebra Club, started teaching Beast Academy, Microsoft Office, and Robotics. Check them out if you’re looking for more STEM for your homeschool as well. My goal is to bring high quality STEM courses into the homeschool community at affordable prices.

In 2020, Krystal graduated our homeschool as a Junior with 28 college credits. She was accepted with partial scholarship to both Penn State and University of Alabama Huntsville to study Engineering with a legal certificate. Her plan today is to get her law degree and be a Patent Attorney. So our family is again relocating this time to Alabama so we can make college more affordable for Krystal.

I’m a Process Engineer by trade with an engineering degree from Michigan State University, and I’ve poured my skills into the planning of my kids’ education. Now I’ve added in the intent to share my STEM awareness with other homeschool parents nationwide. I’m teaching advanced elementary math classes, partnering with a Biologist to provide high quality science to elementary kids, selling Algebra Club, and running a non-profit that will hopefully begin to provide even more to homeschoolers in the way of STEM courses that are difficult to manage by every parent. We’re all in this together. I outsource many of my kids’ subjects to other skilled moms as well.

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